802.11 Collaboration

There is a desire to build a completely wireless data network with ports into the wired internet. There are a couple of focus area which collaboration is needed.

1. The WAN backbone network

2. Last mile access for the general amateur to the network.

If you are interested in the dicussion, join the Yahoo Group for Dallas Area Working Group -HSMM

2005 Report to the ARRL Board of Directors, John Champa, K8OCL, ARRL Chairman
High Speed Multimedia Networks Working Group (Word) 42k

DAWG / NTMS 802.11 Update - N5OOM John Beadles (ppt) 392k

>Listing of WLAN cards and associated chipsets

Mesh networking


Various Network Tools





Possible WRT54G Performance info

The Buffalo WBR_2dG54 is apparently a WRT54G clone. From: http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/WBR_2dG54
A few specs: Receive Sensitivity (dBm)
11g mode Transmit power is 25.1mw at 802.11g
54Mbps -69
48Mbps -72
36Mbps -77
24Mbps -81
18Mbps -85
12Mbps -87
9Mbps -88
6Mbps -88
11b mode Transmit power is 39.8mw at 802.11b
11Mbps -85
5.5Mbps -88
2Mbps -90
1Mbps -92