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List of Prize donors to Microwave Update 2004

Final Presentation Schedule

AD6FP - A 10 GHz repeater from junk box components

G3PHO - Microwaving in the UK

G4DDK -  SSETI Express satellite mode S data and voice

K4TO - Multiband Microwave Operation

K5JL - Joining the fun on 1296 EME

KE5FX - Simplified DDS/PLL Software Development for Microwave Synthesizers

N5OOM - Introduction to HSMM

N5PYK - Tropospheric Enhancement

VE4MA - 47GHz EME Progress

VE4MA - WR28 Waveguide on 47 GHz

W0EOM - Building beam lead diode multipliers for 80 and 120 GHz

W1GHZ - Multiple-Reflector Antennas and Feeds

W3ZZ - Microwave Contesting - Pirate Style

W5IU - Current and Future Microwave Satellites

W5ZN - Study of the Bands 420 MHz 24.25 GHz Regulatory Issues and Allocation Status

WA1ZMS - Millimeter-Wave LO References & Phase Noise Considerations

WA5TKU - Experiences with CT1DMK Reflock Board

WA5WCP - Extra Terrestrial LASER Communications: Satellite and Lunar Laser Ranging

WW2R - DSP-10

WW2R - Phase noise measurements at MUD 2004

Noise figure measurements at MUD2004

Antenna range measurements at MUD 2004

Network Analyzer Plots at MUD 2004





History of Microwave Update

By Al Ward W5LUA

August 2001 Edition

In 1985, Don Hilliard, W0PW, felt the need to organize a conference dedicated to microwave equipment design, construction, and operation. At the time of its conception, many microwave terrestrial and EME firsts were occurring on the microwave bands and it appeared that microwave needed a dedicated conference. Don held the first conference which he named "The 1296 and 2304 MHz Conference". It was held at the Holiday Inn in Estes Park, Colorado. 66 people were in attendance. It sure seemed like Don was on the right track with his idea and he was right. In 1986, Don held the second conference which he rightfully named "Microwave Update 86". 64 people were in attendance. The 1987 and 1988 "Microwave Update" conferences were again held in Estes Park, Co. and chaired by Don Hilliard.

After putting on 4 fine conferences in Colorado, Don decided to take a break from all of the work. Don turned over the responsibility of coordinating the event to the North Texas Microwave Society (NTMS).

In 1989, WB5LUA and WA5VJB of the NTMS hosted the 5th "Microwave Update" in Arlington, Texas where 94 people were in attendance. The 1990 "Microwave Update" was to go back to Colorado where Keith Ericson, K0KE and Don Lund , WA0IQN, were to head up the event. Unfortunately , Don Lund passed away during the year and Keith decided to postpone the 1990 Update. WB5LUA and WA5VJB of the NTMS hosted "Microwave Update" 91 in Arlington, Texas.

"Microwave Update" 92 was held in Rochester, New York and sponsored by the Rochester VHF Group. The conference was chaired by Frank Pollino, K2OS and Dave Hallidy, K2DH (x KD5RO/2). "Microwave Update" 93 was held in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference was organized by Jim Davey, WA8NLC, and assisted by Rick Campbell, KK7B and Charles Osborne, WD4MBK. "Microwave Update" 94 was brought back to Estes Park, Colorado where it was chaired by Bill McCaa, K0RZ. Bill was assisted by Al Ward WB5LUA, Jim Davey WA8NLC, Jim Starkey, W0KJY, Phil Gabriel, AA0BR, and other local area amateurs. "Microwave Update" 95 was brought back to Arlington, Texas and was chaired by Al Ward WB5LUA and Kent Britain WA5VJB of the NTMS. The 96 "Microwave Update" was held in Phoenix, Arizona and was chaired by Jim Vogler, WA7CJO. The 97 "Microwave Update" was held in Sandusky, Ohio and sponsored by Tom Whitted, WA8WZG, with the assistance of Tony Emanuele, WA8RJF. The 1998 "Microwave Update" was held in Colorado under the guidance of Bill McCae, K0RZ, and John Anderson, WD4MUO. The 1999 "Microwave Update" was held in Plano, Texas with Al Ward, W5LUA and Kent Britain, WA5VJB hosting the event.

The 2000 Microwave Update was held in the Philadelphia area with John Sortor, KB3XG, and Paul Drexler, W2PED hosting the event. The 2001 Microwave Update is being hosted by Jim Moss, N9JIM and Will Jensby, W0EOM, in the Sunnyvale, California area. The 2002 conference will be held in the New England area with Paul Wade, W1GHZ as the host. The 2003 event is scheduled to move to Seattle, WA with NU7Z as the host. Future conference locations include the Washington, D.C. area and the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.

Those that are interested in sponsoring a conference may contact myself, Al Ward, W5LUA or Kent Britain, WA5VJB.

Respectfully Submitted

Al Ward