Presentations by Meeting

September 2017

2017 ARRL 10 GHz and Above Contest Bob Gormley WA5YWC(pdf) 1.0 MB

10 GHz and Above Activity in the DFW area in August 2017 Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 0.5 MB

ADF4351 and ADF5355 Update Greg McIntire AA5C (pdf) 1.0 MB

May 2017

Arduino ADF4351 Update Greg McIntire AA5C (pdf) 1.0 MB

ADF4351 Phase Noise Results Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 1.4 MB

DB6NT MKU 8 13 PLL Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 0.8 MB

Thoughts on a NTMS 5.7 GHz to 10 GHz Repeater John Schroeder K5ZMJ (pdf) 0.4 MB

April 2017

Arduino Uno & DDS-60 WSPR/QRSS Controller Greg McIntire AA5C (pdf) 0.5 MB

An Arduino Controlled 35 MHz to 4.4 GHz Signal Generator Greg McIntire AA5C (pdf) 3.2 MB

An Arduino Controlled 1 Hz to 60 MHz Signal Generator Greg McIntire AA5C (pdf) 1.0 MB

March 2017

More Recent Projects Dave Robinson G4FRE (pdf) 6.3 MB

February 2017

NTMS February Meeting 2017.pdf Bob Stricklin N5BRG(pdf) 405 KB

January 2017

Cowtown Hamfest Hams Working Microwave with Raspberry Pi Bob Stricklin N5BRG(pdf) 3.6 MB

December 2016

NTMS Meeting December 2016 Al Ward W5LUA(pdf) 2.6 MB

Review of Analog Devices AD9548 Evaluation Board Bob Strictlin N5BRG(pdf) 2.6 MB

November 2016

Applications of Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR Bob Stricklin N5BRG(pdf) 1.6 MB

October 2016

Circular Polarized Antennas Kent Britain WA5VJB(pdf) 14 MB

Further Open EMS Chuck Clark AF8Z(pdf) 0.9 MB

Gulf Coast Outing at Grand Isle Louisiana EL49xf Al Ward W5LUA(pdf) 3.0 MB

10 GHz Contest Roving the Gulf of Mexico Bob Gormley WA5YWC(pdf) 3.0 MB

September 2016

NTMS September 10 Meeting Al Ward W5LU(pdf) 2.1 MB

10 GHz Contest Summary Al Ward W5LUA(pdf) 3.0 MB

Weekend 2 Roving the Gulf of Mexico Bob Gormley WA5YWC(pdf) 3.0 MB

August 2016

Open EMS Intro Chuck Clark AF8Z(pdf) 0.6 MB

June 2016

2016 HamCom Presentation Al Ward W5LUA and Bob Gormley WA5YWC(pdf) 5.9 MB

April 2016

10GHz Omni Rover Rig Overview Brad Cobo N5WCO (pdf) 1.5 MB

March 2016

Remote Control Radio Systems for Free Dave Robinsone G4FRE (pdf) 1.4 MB

UK Contests Dave Robinson G4FRE (pdf) 2.2 MB

February 2016

Monitoring DTV Signals as Propagation Beacons Wes Atchison WA5TKU (pdf) 1.6 MB

PARC 4on4 Bill Reed NX5R (pdf) 2.1 MB

January 2016

Cowtown Hamfest 2016 NTMS Meeting Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 5.9 MB

December 2015

An Inexpensive and Portable SDR using a USB Sized Dongle George Perkins N5UI (pdf) 4.3 MB

November 2015

More Fun with Off-Set Dish Antennas Bob Gormley WA5YWC (pdf) 2.12 MB

October 2015

October 2, 2015 NTMS Meeting Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 1.13 MB

USRP and SoDaRadio Eric Haskell KC4YOE (pdf) 1.0 MB

N5BRG 10G Sept 2015 Bob Sticklin N5BRG (pdf) 1.0 MB

Second Annual Gulf of Mexico 10 GHz and Above Contest Bob Gormley WA5YWC (pdf) 1.5 MB

August 2015

August 1, 2015 NTMS Meeting Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 1.0 MB

May 2015

May 2, 2015 NTMS Meeting at the Stricklin Ranch Al Ward, W5LUA (pdf) 0.5 MB

March 2015

Lunar Echos from the Goldstone 34 meter dish on 2115 MHz Al Ward, W5LUA (pdf)

December 2013

Recent Constructional Projects 2013 Dave Robinson WW2R (pdf) 1.8 MB

Phase Noise Results of the N5AC VHF Apollo PLLs Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 1.3 MB

November 2013 Mini-Conference

Roving During the 2013 10 GHz and Above Contest Bob Gormley WA5YWC (pdf) 2.8 MB

Lightning Protection Wes Atchison WA5TKU (pdf) 4.4 MB

N5WCO 2013 10G Contest Rover Recap Brad Cobo N5WCO (pdf) 851 KB

10 GHz (Microwave), up North Jim Froemke K0MHC/rover (pdf) 4.5 MB

Central States VHF Society 2013

2013 Central States VHF Society Conference presentation by Al Ward, W5LUA

Microwave Update 2013

Working Small Stations on 10 and 24 GHz EME with the help of WSJT Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 4.8 MB

August 2013

N5WCO 10GHz Portable Updates Brad Cobo N5WCO (pdf) 4.6MB

Hamcom 2013

10 GHz Tranverter from Surplus Parts Bob Gormley WA5YWC (pdf) 3 MB

May 2013

April 16 2013 1296 MHz UKAC Dave Robinson G4FRE (pdf) 2MB

10 GHz Adventure to West Texas W5LUA, WA5YWC, W5RLG, K5ZSJ (pdf) 4.4MB


April 2013

More Weak Signal Q's and less Blues with some help from ROIP Steve Sedgwick WB8GRS (pdf) 566KB


February 2013

10 GHz Portable Station Overview Brad Cobo N5WCO (pdf) 1MB


December 2012

Recent SDR Projects Dave Robinson WW2R (pdf) 3MB


November 2012 Mini-Conference

RTL-SDR a $20 Microwave RX Eric Haskell KC4YOE (pdf) 594KB

W5LUA/9 En45wf September 2012 Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 3.34MB

432 Radar in the DFW Area Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 580KB

A Modularized 10 GHz Transverter Bob Gormley WA5YWC (pdf) 1.8MB

VK7UM and W5LUA 3cm EME using JT-65C Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 2MB


September 2012

The Excitement and Challenges of 24 GHz EME Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 5.5MB


Hamcom 2012

Building a 10GHz Rig from Surplus Parts Bob Gormley WA5YWC and Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 4MB

March 2012

Using Sun Noise Measurements to Evaluate System Performance Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 387KB

December 2011

UHFSDR + USB2SDR = Flexible IF Rig Eric Haskell KC4YOE (pdf) 1.96MB


Hamcom 2011

Introduction to Microwaves & The North Texas Microwave Society Al Ward-W5LUA/Bob Gormley WA5YWC (pdf)1.2MB

Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) Communications from 902 MHz to 78 GHz Al Ward-W5LUA (pdf) 2.1 MB

Building Equipment and Operating on 10 GHz Bob Gormley-WA5YWC/ Al Webb-W5RLG (pdf) 1.2MB


February 2011

WSJT Operation (Meteor Scatter) - Wes Atchison WA5TKU (pdf) 886k


Microwave Update 2010

Millimeter Wave Measurements - Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 1MB

78 GHz LNA Project Status Report - Tom Williams WA1MBA (pdf) 1.4MB

78 GHz W2IMU Feed for Offset Fed Dishes - Jim Hudson WA5JAT (pdf) 300kB

Hamcom 2010

Microwave Frequency Standards - Jim Hudson WA5JAT (ppt) 8MB

Central States VHF Society Conference 2009

2304 EME (Central States 2009)- Al Ward W5LUA (pdf) 2.3MB

A Short Primer on Getting Started on 13 cm EME - Al Ward W5LUA (pdf)

Hamcom 2009

Design and build 23 cm Yagi using simple tools - Wes Atchison WA5TKU

April 2009

Equipment for 9cm Dave Robinson WW2R (1.2 Mb)

Astro-Imaging or Receiving at 300nm to 750nm Wavelengths Wes Atchison WA5TKU(3.2Mb)

March 2009

902 Transverter Al Ward W5LUA (4.6Mb)

W5HN Keyer Mark II Dave Robinson WW2R (131k)

February 2009

RFMD2360 Amplifier Keith Berglund WB5ZDP 435kB

902 Transverter Al Ward W5LUA (4.6Mb)

January 2009

NTMS Beacon Antenna Update KA5BOU, WA5TKU, WW2R, 2.3M

SoftRock RXTXv6.2 for 10 Meters Al Ward W5LUA 2.3M

November 2008

Using SDR as a Microwave IF Dave Robinson WW2R 2MB

March 2008

SoftRock 6.2 for 10m Al Ward W5LUA (3 MB)

December 2007

Listening to the Japanese Lunar Prospector Al Ward W5LUA 4.5MB

Central States 2007

Designing Stability into 1296 MHz and
2304 MHz Low Noise Amplifiers
Al Ward W5LUA/ Tommy Henderson WD5AGO 800kB

Using the Soft Rocks as Microwave IF Spectrum Analyzers Al Ward W5LUA 827kB

Hamcom 2007

How To Play Radio with Hidden Antennae Eric Silverthorn NM5M 1.2 MB

Simple 10 GHz SSB/CW For the Beginner Bob Gormley WA5YWC 3.6MB

Microwave EME Al Ward W5LUA 1.2MB

Hamcom Welcome to NTMS Steve Hicks N5AC 2.8MB

May 2007

Switching Power Supplies Chuck Clark AF8Z 573k

April 2007

1296 MHz EME Expedition to the Northeast US Paul Perryman WA5WCP 8.5 MB

February 2007

Backyard 1296 EME...What they didn't tell me David Robinson WW2R 1550k

Biasing MMICs Al Ward W5LUA 378k

1296 Loop Yagi Dimensions Al Ward W5LUA 169k

1296 Loop Yagi return loss measurements Al Ward W5LUA 43k

RF Bipolar Biasing Al Ward W5LUA 417k